Berry Branch Headband (black ink)


-Headband color: ORCHID PINK
-Approx. 18.5” around, un-stretched
-About 2 inches to 10 inches wide (adjustable)
-95% rayon/5% spandex
-One size fits all

Soft, lightweight jersey headbands hand printed with original botanical designs. Great for workouts, everyday wear, or for elevating an outfit for an evening out! Adjustable width adds styling options and shows the hand printed design beautifully.

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Berry Branch headband printed with black ink on ORCHID PINK.

Soft jersey headbands are lightweight and strong, making them great for daily wear, workouts, yoga class, dancing, gardening, and more. Headband width is adjustable when worn and showcases the design beautifully. Headbands coordinate with our other hand printed accessories.

-Headband color: ORCHID PINK
-Made from soft, stretchy jersey (95% rayon/5% spandex)
-Approx. 18.5” around, un-stretched
-About 2 inches to 10 inches wide (adjustable)
-One size fits all
-Hand wash


My botanical designs are inspired by my flower garden and the native plants surrounding my home in the Pacific Northwest. Each image is hand carved onto a linoleum block, which is then inked and individually printed onto your headband. Every print is unique! See more about my process HERE.


Headbands are hand printed on beautiful, stylish colors thoughtfully chosen for the season. The fabric is soft, silky, and jewel-like, perfect for dressing up but sturdy enough for everyday wear. The adjustable width adds flexibility to your style and highlights the design. (see How to Wear Headbands) Headbands are made to fit snugly, but fabric is stretchy and one size fits all!


Headbands hold up well to daily wear, workouts, and weather. However, please hand wash! The lightweight, flowy jersey fabric is delicate and will break down if machine washed. Keep your headband looking perfect and new by gently hand washing in warm water with mild detergent. Lay flat to dry. Iron on low setting. Ink is permanent but will break down with fabric if machine washed or scrubbed hard, so please be gentle!


“This headband is so pretty. I love being able to change the width.” -B.W.

“I love this headband, the quality and artistry are excellent and it’s a perfect size for comfort.” -L.E.

“Love this so much! My short hair is in a funny weird stage where it sticks up like crazy and this headband has been so helpful in giving it a more tamed look. And it’s adjustable, which is awesome if my hair is sticking up everywhere. Great for styling while growing out short hair!!!! Thank you!!!” -S.R.

“Gorgeous colored fabric, high quality print, and a very flattering piece! Thank you for creating such beautiful pieces!” -E.C.

Please note:  Alterations in printing and other small variations will occur.

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